This system allows the flexibility to match Awning of different applications. Has common componentry between the different styles of Awnings – An Open Roller, Open Headbox to a fully enclosed Headbox the choice is yours. These Awnings can be to a span of up to 5 metres in width and operated with ease.

The Range we are offering in the Alpha System :

  • Straight Drops         
  • Cable Guide
  • Deep Channel
  • Side Retention System
  • Pivot Arm
  • All componentry comes in silver pearl
  • Powder coating is also available

Straight Drop Awning & Convertible Straight Drop:
The standard Straight Drop Awning is a spring operated awning. It pulls down and is then tied off to hold downs. There can be several hold down methods, most common is strap and luggage “D’s”, others include spring clips and saddles, double ended dog clips and saddles – the choice is yours.

Straight Drop
Bottom Rail End Caps: Provide a neat, clean finish for the drop awning giving it a complete, premium look.
Hold Down Straps: Can be used to hold down the awning at various points across the bottom rail giving maximum flexibility for installation.
Locking Bolts: Used to secure the awning at the ends of the bottom rail. Either insert into a reveal or alternatively use a breeching staple on the ground for the bolt to slide under.

Cable Guide
Bottom Rail End Caps: By floating in and out of the bottom rail the awning operates smoothing without putting pressure on the cable.
Locking Bolts: Simply inserts into the universal floor and wall mount bracket to hold the fabric taut and minimises Bottom Rail movement.
Extension Plate/Front Roll: Assists with ceiling and reveal fit installations by making the top cable bracket more accessible.

Deep Channel
Side Channel:  The two piece Side Channel locks together and ensures no visible screws or rivets on the finished installation, creating a neat, clean finish.
Bottom Rail End Cap: Clamps the fabric and carries it in the channel therefore reducing the depth of the channel.
Sliding Bolt: This option allows consumers to secure the Bottom Rail at various heights, by simply sliding the bolt into the selected positions in the side channel and locking into position.

Side Retention System
Side Channel: Refer to Deep Channel System. The front channel can also be disconnected if required to access the internal floating channel and fabric.
Flexible Installation: The unique floating insert allows for flexibility with inaccurate fabric measurements or shrinkage. The floating channel feature will also move with the wind and take strain off the welds and joins in the fabric.
Tube Reducers: Minimisers fabric build up, thereby ensuring the fabric rolls as symmetrically as possible.
Locking Bolts: The channel End Cap essentially pushes the floating channel up 15mm allowing the locking bolt to insert into the base of the channel.

Pivot Arm
Function: Projects the fabric from the window, with the arms and fabric forming an arc that allows air to flow behind the awning, allowing windows to open whilst the awning is projected.
Open Headbox: Is required for this awning to allow for the angle of the fabric. With the same design curve as the closed headbox, aesthetics are consistent across the series.
Front Rail: Designed to have the same design curve as the Straight Drop bottom rail to create consistency across the series.
Sliding Arm Set: Optional. Facilitates changing the pivot point by simply moving the arms up or down the sliding rails.



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